Office of the Vice Rector for Research

The Office of the Vice Rector for Research is responsible for strategic and operative duties. It advises and supports researchers with questions related to the promotion of persons and projects and coordinates and supports the actions of the University of Lucerne’s Research Committee (FoKo).

The Research Promotion Unit (see the website section ‘Research’) is responsible for advising and supporting researches with their application submissions to internal university departments (Research Committee – FoKo) as well as external (third-party) funding. It is also responsible for building and maintaining contact with third-party donors, as well as for disseminating information about current and completed research projects. Furthermore it and administers and coordinates research funding and supports FoKo in its actions.

The Research Committee FoKo (see website section ‘Research’) is responsible for promoting research activities and for coordinating research policy. It also serves as the research committee for the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) for the University of Lucerne (FK-SNSF).