Successful companies distinguish themselves by developing and efficiently pursuing a strategy tailored to the needs of the markets. This requires a sound market understanding. However, pursuing a strategy based on market understanding poses ever greater challenges for companies. On the one hand, data on customers, competitors and employees is readily available and, thanks to technical possibilities, used more and more effectively. On the other hand, growing complexity and rapidly changing market conditions make it difficult for many companies to generate relevant insights from data and incorporate them into their business management.

If you choose the specialisation "market-oriented management" you will not only learn how to theoretically design a connection between market requirements and corporate management, but also how to put it into practice. To this end, courses are offered within three main topics. Firstly, you develop competences in analysing markets and their actors systematically and target-aimed. The focus is in particular on the handling of data in order to gain strategic knowledge. Secondly, we will explain how these insights can be advantageously incorporated into the strategy formulation of companies. With the knowledge gained, you should be able to make strategic decisions based on data and to assess options for action. Thirdly, you will learn how to implement strategic decisions effectively and efficiently. The aim is to govern the implementation process economically and to optimally use the potential of employees as the driving forces behind the design and implementation of strategies.

Topics and example courses

Market Research and Analytics

  • Introduction to Business Analytics
  • Machine Learning for Mere Mortals: It ain’t Magic
  • Customer Insights

Markets and Strategies

  • Markets & Strategies Seminar
  • Economics of Digitization
  • Strategic Marketing Game
  • Strategic Pricing

Management and Implementation

  • Sales Management
  • Organizational Communication
  • Business Engineering
  • HRM Practices

Career prospects

Due to their acquired competences in market understanding, strategic decision-making and business management implementation, graduates of the specialisation "market-oriented management" have excellent professional opportunities - for example in management consulting, business analysis, business development, market research or (digital) marketing management.