The Lucerne Academy for Human Rights Implementation is a worldwide unique summer school program of coursework and hands-on learning for law students and legal practitioners held in the heart of Europe at the University of Lucerne, Faculty of Law in Switzerland, in partnership with several distinguished international law schools. The next Lucerne Academy for Human Rights Implementation will take place from 1 to 21 July 2020 at the University of Lucerne.

The Lucerne Academy is a summer school with a distinctly global relevance. Given the realities of human rights implementation, the focus of the program will be on the challenges and practical aspects of litigation and advocacy of human rights. Students will not only learn about the field of human rights, but about how to incorporate that knowledge into the actual work of defending human rights. Special focus will be placed on advocacy skills such as case assessment, brief writing, and oral argumentation. To that end, the Academy will feature a prominent moot court exercise where students will litigate a hypothetical case from beginning to end, culminating in a program-wide competition.

Aside from the practical training, students will also be given a choice of courses on a variety of topics related to human rights on both progressive and traditional issues. Students have a choice between several courses.