Lucerne Academy for Human Rights Implementation

The 2023 Lucerne Academy for Human Rights Implementation is fully booked.

The Lucerne Academy for Human Rights Implementation is a worldwide 2-week programme of coursework and hands-on learning for law students and legal practitioners held in the heart of Europe at the University of Lucerne, Faculty of Law, in Switzerland, in partnership with several distinguished international law schools. The main topic of this year’s Summer School is “Business and Human Rights”.

Participants are given the chance to learn the theoretical and trial skills necessary to prepare for a career in defending human rights. Students will not only learn about the field of human rights, but also about how to incorporate that knowledge into the actual work of defending human rights. Special focus will be placed on advocacy skills such as case assessment and oral argumentation.



The participants attend different classes focused exclusively on human rights law of the European Convention on Human Rights and the UN Covenants on Human Rights, in which they gain necessary theoretical knowledge. The classes are taught by distinguished professors and practitioners from around the globe.

Lunch Seminars

During Lunch Seminars the participants have the chance to learn from distinguished practitioners how to work with and implement human rights. The students will receive first-hand knowledge of current human rights issues and discuss possible solutions.


In Geneva, the participants will visit the European Headquarters of the United Nations, as well as various NGOs. In Strasbourg the participants will visit the seat of the European Court of Human Rights and the Council of Europe. During the excursions, the participants interact with important NGO’s and officials and acquire insight into the practice of human rights implementation.

Participants can earn seven (7) ECTS credits for the successful completion of the courses and lunch seminars. There will be written exams at the end of the course. All successful participants will be awarded Certificates of Completion.

If you are interested in participating please do not hesitate to contact Diana Graf. (The 2023 Lucerne Academy is fully booked)

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