FoKo applications

There are two submission deadlines per year for applications to the Research Committee (FoKo) of the University of Lucerne, one in the spring and one in the fall. Please check if you are eligible to apply, FoKo Regulations, § 4.

Urgent requests for funding of up to CHF 12,000 can be submitted at any time (urgency must be substantiated). The FoKo processes these on an ad hoc basis via a circular procedure that takes about three weeks during the semester and longer during the breaks. Smaller projects can be supported directly by the faculties, more information is available on this website.

The FoKo does not consider backdated applications.

Deadlines for regular funding applications 2024

Submission deadlines Research Committee meetings
26 February 202421 March 2024
30 September 202424 October 2024

Applications and final reports via myFoko

FoKo applications must be submitted and managed in the Research Information System (FIS) via myFoKo, where templates of forms for all funding instruments and the final reports are available:

Please contact us if you have any questions:

Regulations and Guideline Sheet

Reporting FoKo forms for applications until the end of 2020

Support for doctoral and postdoctoral researchers

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