FoKo applications

There are two submission deadlines per year for applications to the University of Lucerne research committee (FoKo), one in springtime, one in autumn. Please check whether you are eligible to apply, FoKo-Regulations, § 4.

Urgent applications for support amounts of up to CHF 12,000 can be submitted at any time in case of valid urgency. The FoKo will deal with these on an ad hoc basis via a circulation procedure. Such a procedure takes around three weeks during semester times and some more time during holidays periodes. Smaller projects can be supported directly by the faculties, pls. see more information.

The FoKo does not treat any backdated application.

Standard applications, submission dates 2022

Submission deadlines FoKo meeting dates 
14 March 202207 April 2022
03 October 202222 October 2022

FoKo forms for applications from 2021 on: myFoko

Please apply from 2021 on via myFoKo on the research information system (FIS). There are templates for all the FoKo-schemes:

Please contact us if you need support:

Regulations and guideline sheet, valid from 2021 on

Changes in FoKo research funding from 2021

  • Removal of the subsidiarity principle
    FoKo applications for all funding instruments can now be submitted without proof of third-party funding or of attempts to acquire this.
  • Increase in the maximum amount: CHF 30,000
    The new maximum amount for applications for complete and partial projects is CHF 30,000 (previously: CHF 20,000).
  • Setting of a minimum amount: CHF 1,000
    There is a new minimum amount of CHF 1,000.
  • Maximum amount in urgent circulation procedures: CHF 12,000
    The new maximum amount is CHF 12,000 (previously: CHF 8,000). The valid justification of the urgency remains important.
  • Increase in the SpeedUp (sabbatical for postdocs): CHF 25,000
    The new amount for the replacement position is CHF 25,000 (previously: CHF 20,000).
  • The faculties and the department of Health Sciences and Medicine have available some additional funds (each CHF 20'000 per year)  to the ones of the research committee (FoKo) to support small research schemes.
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Reporting FoKo forms for applications until the end of 2020

Regulations and guideline sheet valid for applications until the end of 2020