Interreligious Dialogue: Lectures in the context of “Dies Academicus”

On 4 November 2021, Prof. Dr Susannah Heschel and Prof. Dr Mualla Selçuk were awarded honorary doctorates by the Faculty of Theology at the University of Lucerne. In their ceremonial speeches, the two scholars elaborated on their many years of committed scholarship on interreligious studies.

Honorary doctorates: Prof. Dr. Susannah Heschel (left) and Prof. Dr. Mualla Selçuk

On the annually held “Dies Academicus”, the University of Lucerne celebrates the academic achievements of its members, with a focus on honours bestowed by the University and the faculties. This year, the Faculty of Theology had the pleasure of awarding the honorary doctorate to two highly qualified academics: Prof. Dr Susannah Heschel and Prof. Dr Mualla Selçuk. With this year's honorary doctorates, the Faculty of Theology expresses its high appreciation for the commitment of the two laureates to interreligious dialogue.

Even before the founding of the Centre for Theology and Philosophy of Religions in 2021, interreligious dialogue was of great importance to the Faculty of Theology. Especially in connection with the creation of the new Centre, however, it has become even more important, which is why the Faculty of Theology considers itself extremely fortunate that the two scholars took the time not only to attend the honours personally on site, but also to elaborate on their commitment and work in a ceremonial lecture.

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