Professorship of New Testament Exegesis

The central subject is an exegetical and theological interpretation of the New Testament texts, which is aimed at gaining an appropriate level of understanding. The subject also deals with the question of the origin of the New Testament and the description of the theological intentions of its authors against the backdrop of ideology, religious history and historical conditions and structures. The objective of New Testament studies is to come to a judgement about its theological significance, and about the origins of New Testament texts, to engage with them in an independent and critical way, and to express their theological potential in our time.


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University of Lucerne
Professorship of NewTestament Exegesis 
Prof. Dr. Robert Vorholt
Frohburgstrasse 3, Room 3.B35
P.O. Box 4466
6002 Lucerne

T +41 41 229 52 64