The Centre for Theology and Philosophy of Religions highlights interreligious topics and networking while coordinating the research of four professorships at the Faculty of Theology: Professorship of Philosophy, Professorship of Jewish Studies, Professorship of Islamic Theology and a professorship in the field of Christian-Catholic Theology.

Accordingly, the Centre's research profile encompasses a wealth of academic fields including: Comparative Theology, theology of religions, Philosophy of Religion, Religious Mysticism, Interreligious Dialogue, and Interreligious Conflict Research. These subject areas are studied in close research cooperation within and across our university as well as with other domestic and foreign universities and research institutions. This collaborative research is carried out in a variety of methods with a focus on maintaining a historical perspective.

The Centre organizes conferences and other academic events on its own or in cooperation with other institutions, while offering university teaching and continuing education, particularly within the framework of the research area "Philosophy, Theology and Religions".

The Centre's purpose is interreligious and interdisciplinary research, teaching, education, and service in the field of interreligious coexistence.