Online Master's in Philosophy, Theology and Religions (PhilTeR)

Digital Open Day with Ryan Mullins (Lucerne) and Peter Adamson (LMU Munich / King's College London)

Philosophieprofessor Peter Adamson

On Monday, June 12th at 6pm (CET) our next digital open day takes place. Register now and attend the debate «God and the Eternity of the World.» with Ryan Mullins and Peter Adamsons -  both professors of the Online Master’s Degree in Philosophy, Theology and Religions.  Use also the chance and get to know more about the curriculum and have your questions answerd by our Tutors.

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Academic programs in philosophy often proceed as if God didn’t exist, and do not consider the documented growing interest in religion.

In those rare cases where religion is indeed considered, only the relationship between philosophy and Christianity is delved into, as if other religions, especially Judaism and Islam, did not exist and played little to no role in the history of philosophy.

Our program fills these gaps with an international and interreligious online course of graduate study.