40th Anniversary of the ISE

In 1981 the Institute of Social Ethics ISE was founded. The 40th anniversary will take place in 2021. This event offers the opportunity to look back into history as well as forward — into the future.

As part of the anniversary, various events on the subject of «Identities» are planned from September 2020 to March 2021. The question of «Identities» not only challenges us as theological ethicists between church, politics and society, but we share this challenge with many other scientific disciplines. Additionally, we can observe how «Identities» issues break with new power and drag deep cracks through our societies.

  • International Anniversary Conference «Identities» (March 2, 2021) (further information will follow)
  • High School Art Competition on the Topic of «Identit(ies)»: Find the art projects to vote for on Facebook and Instagram.
  • University for Children Lucerne, Lecture on on the topic «Identities» (further information follows)


Author Adolf Muschg on home and identity

On October 6, 2020 the Swiss writer Adolf Muschg was a guest at the University of Lucerne. As part of the lecture series «Identit(ies)» the emeritus professor of German language and literature spoke about home and identity.