The focus of our activities is teaching and research on the Code of Obligations (general and special sections), the Civil Code (property law) and various Master's course subjects (notarial law, sales law, comparative private law). We combine teaching with various examples from legal practice and a scientific understanding of the material. With the support of his team, Professor Jörg Schmid publishes regularly in the fields of law stated above and is the co-author of numerous textbooks on the Code of Obligations (Gauch/Schluep/Schmid/Emmenegger; Schmid/Stöckli), property law (Schmid/Hürlimann-Kaup; Tuor/Schnyder/Schmid/Jungo) and the introductory articles of the Civil Code and personal rights (Hürlimann-Kaup/Schmid). He edits the Swiss civil law commentary Zürcher Kommentar, comments on the Federal Supreme Court’s Code of Obligations case law every year in the Zeitschrift des Bernischen Juristenvereins (ZBJV) and gives lectures on legal further education. He is active in exchanging ideas with colleagues at the University of Lucerne, other universities and research institutes, as well as with legal practitioners.

Promoting young research talent is also particularly important to Professor Schmid. He supervises numerous doctoral students and runs regular doctoral seminars.

Professor Schmid edits the Luzerner Beiträge zur Rechtswissenschaft (LBR) for the School of Law.