The main research interests of the chair lie in the fields of legal history and legal theory – two foundational subjects that link law with its historical roots and/or social context. Prof. Luminati pursues an interdisciplinary approach that strives to both expose the limits of law and open new possibilities for innovative border-crossings in research and teaching. This is attested to by a number of international projects that address a range of diverse topics (history of the judiciary, history of urban development, history of criminal law, literacy and orality) from a social-theoretical perspective. Prof. Luminati’s research also profits in this regard from his period in office as director of the Swiss Institute in Rome, during which time he oversaw the implementation of a cutting-edge, transdisciplinary programme that integrated impulses from the humanities and social sciences, as well as from the creative arts. The fusing of science and art enabled a broadening of horizons that also carries benefits for the legal world.

In terms of teaching, Prof. Luminati offers a range of modules at both Bachelor and Master level. A native Italian-speaker himself, he has, since being in Lucerne, been especially committed to supporting the Italian-speaking students, and maintains a particular teaching focus in this area.