NCCR Iconic Criticism - Bildkritik

Module D: Visual Semantics and Visual Observation

Cornelia Bohn, Leon Jesse Wansleben, Paul Buckermann, Justus Heck (Universität Luzern/London School of Economics)

Research Cooperation University of Basel, University of Lucerne, NCCR Iconic Criticism (Basel), 1.10.2013 -30.9.2017.

One can construe of the specificity of different societal fields not least by identifying the styles and strategies of observations within these fields – how, for instance, conditions, states and developments within the fields are registered, projected, and evaluated. In the module, we investigate such observations as social and medial practices. Through a comparative approach, we not only aim to reveal differences, but also similarities. We are interested, for instance, to what extent and how observational practices are gradually globalized, thereby functioning as generators of the globalization processes within the fields themselves. We have in mind, for example, the crucial role of international organizations in rendering the global economy observable; or we think of those institutions and media, through which the characteristics of a global contemporary art gain visibility. Moreover, our research should put a specific focus on visual forms of observation in the different fields.

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