The Bachelor of Arts programme at the Department of Philosophy offers a first-class foundation course that is both a prerequisite for a subsequent master’s programme and the basis for further vocational training. Philosophy students acquire a high level of problem-solving expertise, flexibility of thought, and analytical reasoning ability. This provides them with essential skills that enable them to better understand ambiguous interlinked issues in an increasingly complex world. The Department of Philosophy provides students with a diverse range of classes in practical philosophy (moral, political and social philosophy), theoretical philosophy (the philosophy of mind and language) and the history of philosophy. Students are supported via a mentoring scheme from the start of their studies. This guarantees an intensive personal exchange between students and teaching staff.

Team of the Department of Philosophy

"The Department of Philosophy is relatively small and offers me the opportunity to network with teaching staff and my fellow students outside of class. I really enjoy that." 

Niek Rogger, MA philosophy student