Academic Profile

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (KSF) covers a broad spectrum of cultural studies and social science disciplines. These are split into departments, where teaching and research is undertaken. These are complemented with interdisciplinary facilities such as the Institute for Studies of Culture, the Center for Research on Religion and the Chair for Science Studies. 
Interdisciplinary cooperation is an important part of KSF’s activities. This can be seen both in research projects, with contributions from multiple disciplines, and in the study programmes on offer. Interdisciplinary work is specifically encouraged, as it creates synergies and enables innovation.

Current cultural and sociological issues form the focus of KSF research. The faculty’s research interests and thematic intersections are:

  • Social and cultural history topics (religion, identity, politics, economy, law)
  • Image theory, media theory and the history of the media
  • Changes to institutions, states and the world society (migration, power, conflict, democratisation)
  • Changes to knowledge and order cultures past and present.

The KSF understands scholarship as the formation, exchange and transmission of knowledge founded in methodology. For this reason, alongside research and teaching, the faculty understands the importance of promoting a new generation of academics as well as dialogue with economy, politics and society. The faculty aims to promote and improve problem-solving abilities on both an individual and a societal level through research, teaching and various forms of scholarly communication.