Impact of Pay Raises on Employees' Attitudes and Behaviors: A multisource and longitudinal analysis

Executive Summary

This research study investigates how pay raises affect employees’ attitudes and behaviors. Thereby we are interested in employees’ pay satisfaction (pay, pay differences, pay administration), job satisfaction, career satisfaction, trust in the supervisor and turnover intentions.

Data was collected before and after the pay raises were announced. All employees of a software provider (135 employees) were invited by email to the online survey at two points in time. Data was matched with objective data on individual’s pay and pay raise as well as team and job affiliation for those employees who agreed on the matching procedures. This unique set of data will provide meaningful insights on whether and how pay raises affect employees’ attitudes and behaviors.


Working paper (forthcoming)


Center for Human Resource Management (CEHRM), University of Lucerne, Switzerland:
Dr. Alexandra Arnold, Dr. Anna Sender


Dr. Alexandra Arnold