First national sexual harassment awareness day at swiss universities

Working together against sexual harassment: On March 23, Swiss universities and research institutions are joining forces for the first time to draw attention to sexual harassment in the university context.


Date: 23rd March 2023
Location: University of Lucerne

At the University of Lucerne we do not tolerate sexual harassment or sexism. Creative studying and working can only take place in a climate of trust and mutual respect. On 23 March, the University of Lucerne joins other Swiss universities in taking a stand against sexism and sexual harassment.

The project is led by the University of Lucerne, as part of the "P-7 Diversity, Inclusion and Equity in Higher Education Development (2021-2024)" programme coordinated by swissuniversities. The goal of the campaign Sexual Harassment Awareness Day 2023 (SH2023 for short) is to preventively counteract sexual harassment and sexism. A culture should be created and cultivated at our university in which there is no place for sexual harassment.

Events and campaigns such as online presentations or workshops are taking place throughout Switzerland on this day. The University of Lucerne is taking part in this important campaign and, among other things, is organising an interactive forum theatre on the topic of sexual harassment over lunch together with the University of Teacher Education Lucerne (PH Lucerne).

More information on the national campaign and the programme can be found at .