Working hours / Holidays

Flexible working hours

Full employment level working time is 42 hours per week (annual average). The general daily working time is 8.40 hours and this is the basis for calculating a positive or negative working time balance. The working time reduces proportionally with a lower employment level.

Employees may determine their own working hours within the framework set out by Human Resources, and after discussion with their manager. As part of this system, employees must demonstrate satisfactory collaboration with their co-workers, as well as providing exemplary service both internally and externally.

General daily working hours are Monday to Friday between 6 am and 8 pm. Core hours can be defined by the line manager.
Lunch break: A break of at least 30 minutes is to be taken when the daily working time is more than 6 hours.

Line managers are responsible for the correct administration of flexible working hours.

Employees must keep a personal written record of their working time.

Working time record form can be found in UnetEntry.


Number of working days 
Up to 20 years of age: 30 working days 
From 21 years of age: 25 working days
From 50 years of age: 30 working days
From 60 years of age: 33 working days

Line managers are responsible for checking holiday requests.

In the case of part time work, the holiday entitlement is related to the employment level.
Additional information can be found in the Personal handbook (only available in German)