Accident / Illness

In the event of accident or illness, employees continue to receive pay up to a maximum of 730 days. During the probationary period the employee’s salary is paid for one month. In the event of illness, the costs of treatment and care are covered as part of the employee’s personal health insurance.

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Notification of illness

In the event of illness the employee must inform his/her superiors without delay. From the 7th day of illness onwards a doctor’s certificate must be presented to Human Resources.

Accident insurance

Employees with a weekly working time of 8 or more hours are insured through SUVA (Swiss National Accident Insurance Organization) against the consequences of occupational and non-occupational accidents.

Employees with a weekly working time of less than 8 hours are only insured against occupational accidents and must take out their own private insurance against non-occupational accidents.

Accidents which occur on the direct route to or from work are classed as accidents at work.

Occupational and non-occupational accidents must be reported to Human Resources without delay.