Health Sciences

If you wish to visit courses of the study programs in Health Sciences at the Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine, you have to register via the  e-learning platform moodle. The registration period for longitudinal courses starts two weeks before the beginning of each semester and is open for two weeks in the study program BSc Health Sciences and two weeks  in the study program MSc Health Sciences after beginning of the course. For block courses a registration is possible during the actual course days. Students who have registered for the courses will have access to course materials and course information from the lecturers.

Students from other faculties are responsible to check the accreditation of the courses in their study programs themselves. If a course is not creditable in a study program, students are not allowed to fulfill study achievements or earn ECTS in the relevant course.

In order to receive ECTS it is necessary to register for the examination via UniPortal during the registration period. 

You will find an overview of all courses and details in the course catalogue.

Guideline Course Enrolment MSc Health Sciences

Timetable Fall 2024 - Cohort 2024 (TENTATIVE)
Timetable Fall 2024 - Cohort 2023 (TENTATIVE)