Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot

The Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot is an international contest for law students in which teams from close to 400 universities from all over the world participate. The Moot starts at the beginning of October and lasts until Thursday before Easter.

The Moot is divided into two crucial phases: In the first phase, the teams prepare memorandums for claimant and respondent in the fields of international arbitration and the Vienna Sales Convention. In the second phase, the teams plead both positions in front of experienced practitioners. Moreover, the Lucerne Willem C. Vis Moot Team participates in two Pre-Moots within Europe. The grand finale lasts one week and takes place in Vienna before Easter. Our goal is to convince the arbitrators with our arguments and achieve the elimination rounds.

The Willem C. Vis Moot takes place in English. It gives students a very practical insight into international commercial law and arbitration. It is a unique possibility to socialize with practitioners and students from all over the world. Furthermore, the Moot is an excellent reference for a possible application with a well-known law firm.

A participation in the Moot Court is rewarded with 18 credits of which 10 can be credited as a Master’s thesis.

More information:
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