Planning your studies

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Lecture Schedule 

All courses and lectures are listed in the lecture schedule ("Vorlesungsverzeichnis") grouped by faculty. In addition, the course catalogue lists the addresses of all institutes, administration services, and lecturers. In general, each faculty and institute publishes its own course guide with detailed course descriptions including required reading and enrollment restrictions. 

Course Planning 

The structure of a semester can vary considerably depending on the faculty or branch of study. Certain courses of study have a fixed study programme, while students of other branches are relatively free in their choice of courses. If in doubt, the student advisors of each of our faculties can give you professional advice. Erasmus students also have the possibility of contacting these advisors with any question regarding course planning. 

Recognition of Study Achievements - ECTS 

The study programmes at the University of Lucerne are based on the Bologna model, the standard model of Europe’s Higher Education. The degrees therefore fulfill all the requirements for recognition by other universities. 

ECTS is the accumulation system of the Bologna model. As a student you acquire ECTS credits for all achieved study performances. The deaneries, student advisors or the respective Erasmus coordinators will be glad to provide information about the recognition of coursework and about ECTS in general.