Prof. Roland Norer’s chair specialises in General Administrative Law, Agricultural and Nutrition Law, Spatial Planning Law, Environmental Law and Legislative Studies. More specifically, the research and teaching covers the following subject areas:

• Agriculture
• Structural and regional policy
• Food law
• Animal welfare, husbandry and breeding
• Green gene technology
• Rural land and tenancy rights
• Forest law
• Water conservation
• Protection of nature and cultural heritage
• Soil conservation legislation
• Alternative energies and renewable resources
• Natural hazard management
• Law in the Alpine region (Alpine Convention)

Prof. Norer correspondingly offers classes for Bachelor’s and Master’s students in General Administration Law; Construction, Planning and Environmental Law; Agricultural law; Legislative Studies; and an Introduction to Jurisprudence and Legal Practice. These run alongside a rotating series of seminars on current legal issues from the chair’s key focal areas.

The academic certificate course in agricultural law (CAS Agricultural Law) is aimed at lawyers, agricultural economists and other people faced with legal issues in the fields of agriculture and environment.

The Center for Law and Sustainability enables a focus on research in the field of law and sustainability. Its interdisciplinary approach enables it to engage in inter-faculty and cross-university exchange with thematically related units from economics and social sciences, political science and practical philosophy.

Numerous conferences and events offer an opportunity to discuss and further develop relevant research and practice with a wide specialist audience. For example, the Lucerne Agricultural Law Day held every other year takes an in-depth look at current issues from the field of agricultural law, whilst the annual forest law conference investigates questions of forest law.