Public Law and Rural Law

Foto Roland Norer

Professor Roland Norer’s Chair of Public Law and Rural Law specialises in general administrative law, special administrative law focusing on the fields of agriculture, land, environment and nutrition (in particular agricultural law, spatial planning law, environmental law, food law), and legislative studies.

These research focuses feed into Prof. Norer’s lectures on General Administrative Law; Construction, Planning and Environmental Law; Agricultural Law; Legislative Studies; and an Introduction to Jurisprudence and Legal Practice. 

Regular classes and lectures are organised as part of these research focuses. Examples include the Lucerne Agricultural Law Day, which has been held since 2008, and an annual forest law conference which has been organised as part of the interdisciplinary Center for Law and Sustainability since 2013. The ‘CAS Agricultural Law’ course is offered in the further training sector.


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Public Law and Rural Law
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