Karin Müller's research specialities lie in private law, primarily in partnership law and in general and specific contract law. In addition to the AG, GmbH and general partnership (KG) forms, her work within partnership law in particular deals with ordinary partnerships (eG). She completed a doctoral thesis on a topic examining simple partnerships and edited the Berner Kommentar provisions regarding ordinary partnerships (art. 530-544 OR) with Prof. Walter Fellmann as co-author.

Karin Müller's research also investigates topics at the interface between commercial and business law, contract law and civil procedure and insolvency law.
















University of Lucerne
School of Law
Private Law, Commercial and Business Law and Civil Procedure Law 
Prof. Dr. iur. Karin Müller
Frohburgstrasse 3, Room 4.A52
P.O. Box 4466
6002 Lucerne

T +41 41 229 53 33