Prof. Nicolas Diebold teaches the following courses:

Fall term classes 2019

  • Antitrust Law, together with David Mamane (Schellenberg Wittmer)
  • Public Procurement Law
  • InternationalTrade Law
  • Bachelor seminar on public procurement law, together with Prof. Martin Beyeler, University of Freiburg
  • ELSA WTO Moot Court (emc2), together with PD Mira Burri
  • Case Study in Public Law

Spring term classes 2020

  • Intersectional exam, together with Prof. Lorenz Droese and Ass.-Prof. Stefan Maeder
  • Administrative Law
  • Practical Course in Public Law
  • Case Study in Public Law

For more information on the respective courses, please consult the programm of the current semester and of passed semesters (since 2013) as well as the course schedules of the Bachelor's and the Master's Pograms. The course materials for the classes are made available on OLAT.

For more information consult the German webpage.



Course planning

Only the courses listed in the lecures plan are binding.


  HS 19 FS 20 HS 20 FS 21
Verbundveranstaltung                            X      X
Übungen zum öffentlichen Recht                        X    X    X    X
Seminar     X      X  
Verwaltungsrecht II      X    


  HS 19 FS 20 HS 20 FS 21
Wettbewerbsrecht (ehem. öff. WirtschaftsR)           X  
Kartellrecht     X      X  
Öffentliches Vergaberecht     X          X
International Trade Law     X       X  
International Investment Protection Law*     X      X  
Falllösung öffentliches Recht     X    X    X    X
ELSA Moot Court on WTO Law (emc2)     X      X  

* The event will be hosted by Dr. Rodrigo Polanco.

Case study

The case study is part of the Master's programme and, in addition to the first year's thesis, proseminar and seminar, forms a further element of the modular programme for acquiring the competence to write legal texts. The aim is to train and test the ability to answer a positive legal question in an artful manner in accordance with the rules of legal expert opinion.

Master's students can solve cases in public law with Prof. Diebold in the autumn and spring semesters. Information on registration will be transmitted by e-mail from the Dean (March/April for FS; November for SS).  

Dates for the Fall Semester 2019

  • Introductory session: Wednesday, 22 May, 16.15 - 17.00 o'clock, 4.A05
  • Dispatch of the case: following the introductory session
  • Deadline: 30 September 2019
  • Closing event: Wednesday, 22 October, 16.15 - 18.00 o'clock, 3.A47

The submission of the work is made in 2 written copies as well as electronically in a signed PDF (by e-mail) and is to be delivered to: Prof. Dr. Nicolas Diebold, University of Lucerne, Frohburgstrasse 3, Postfach 4466, 6002 Lucerne (A Mail, not registered).

Dates for the Spring Semester 2020

  • Introductory session: information will follow
  • Dispatch of the case: following the introductory session
  • Deadline: information will follow
  • Closing event: information will follow

Follow the guidelines for writing a written case solution.


Fall Semester 2019

Informationen will follow