Regina Aebi–Müller joined the School of Law team at the University of Lucerne in the fall of 2004. Her research interests are wide-ranging and include personal, family and inheritance law, with a primary focus on medical, sports and media law. Due to various research projects funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation, her research currently focuses on medical law. Regina Aebi–Müller gives regular lectures and further education seminars in Switzerland and abroad, and teaches in areas including specialist solicitor training in family and inheritance law. Her numerous publications cover the entire spectrum of the Swiss Civil Code along with various topics of comparative law. At the University of Lucerne, she regularly gives the lectures ZGB I + II (personal law, introductory articles and family law), medical law, advanced personal and family law and introduction to Swiss law (in English); until recently, she also taught legal methodology and introduction to legal work (EJA). In addition, she holds a comparative law seminar every year and supervises Master’s students. Regina Aebi–Müller also writes regular expert reports in her specialist research fields, in particular family law (including marital law and naming rights), inheritance law, association and foundation law, sports law and medical law. Her chair supervises numerous dissertations. Regina Aebi–Müller is backed up by a team of skilled employees who, on the one hand, support the chair’s many activities and, on the other, also pursue their own research, teach tutorials and produce publications.