Information on extending the duration of examinations for students speaking a foreign language

Who can apply for an extension for German-language examinations?

  • Bachelor’s students whose language of high school degree was not German.
  • Foreign-language-speaking students who have changed their course of study or mobility students coming from non-German-speaking universities.

Students holding a German-language high school diploma or a German-language degree are not entitled to apply for an extension.

Scope of extension

Students can apply for extensions for the following German-language examinations at KSF:

  • Extension of 20 minutes for examinations on lecture courses (“Vorlesungen”)
  • Extension of 30 minutes for examinations on “Kolloquialvorlesungen”
  • Extension of 60 minutes for written bachelor’s and master’s examinations

The examination for the ‘Grundlagen der multivariaten Statistik’ colloquium lecture is excluded from the extension entitlement, as it focuses on mathematical skills.
Examination extensions are not permitted for other examinations, seminar papers and classes in which the method of examination is ‘aktive Teilnahme’ (active participation).

Procedure to apply for extensions for examinations on lectures ("Vorlesung" & "Kolloquialvorlesung")

  1. The student needs to submit the application for extension to the “Prüfungsausschuss” (a Faculty committee). Please use the form on the bottom of this page. Applications for autumn semester must be submitted by 31 October at the latest, and applications for spring semester by 31 March at the latest. Applications received after these dates will not be processed. If you have multiple examinations in a semester, a separate application is required for each examination.
  2. If the application is accepted, the applicant, the examiner and the management of the course of study will receive confirmation that the extension for the relevant examination has been approved.
  3. The examiner or management of the course of study is responsible for organising the examination extension on site.

Procedure to apply for extensions for final examinations (written BA and MA examination)

  1. The student needs to submit the application for extension for written final examinations with the regular application documents for the BA or MA procedure. All regular deadlines for final examination procedures apply. Any applications submitted after this will not be considered.
  2. Approval or refusal of the examination extension request is issued with the letter that admits to final exams.
  3. The Dean’s office is responsible for organising the examination extension.

Application to extend examination duration

personal data
Lecture examination to which the application for examination extension relates