Bettina Beer

Prof. Dr. Bettina Beer 

Professor of Social and Cultural Anthropology
T +41 41 229 55 70 • Room 3.A28 •

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Foto Sandra Baernreuther

Ass.- Prof. Dr. Sandra Bärnreuther

Assistant Professor of Social and Cultural Anthropology

T +41 41 229 55 72 • Room 3.A31 •

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Dr. Faduma Abukar Mursal

Senior lecturer and researcher
T +41 41 229 56 65 • Room 3.A14 •

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Jürg Bühler, MA 

Lecturer and researcher
T +41 41 229 56 67 • Raum 3.A20 •

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Maria Papathanasopoulou

Student Assistant • T +41 41 229 57 54 • Room 3.A19 •

Foto Tobias Schwörer

Dr. Tobias Schwörer 

Senior lecturer and researcher
T +41 41 229 55 73 • Room 3.A20 •

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Foto Smriti Sharma

Smriti Sharma, MPhil

PhD student in the SNF research project “Visions of the Social: The Transformation of State Planning in Postcolonial India” 

• T +41 41 229 57 37 • Room 3.A20  •

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Nicole Ahoya, MA and MLaw

Doctoral researcher 

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Ibrahim Ankaoglu, MA

PhD student •

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Foto Doris Bacalzo

Dr. Doris Bacalzo 

Post-Doc in the SNF research project "International Capital and Local Inequality" • 

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Nidhin Donald, PhD

Senior Lecturer and researcher •

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Foto Clara Koller Lang

Clara Koller-Lang, MA 

PhD student •

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Foto Frank Muttenzer

PD Dr. Frank Muttenzer

Privatdozent of cognitive anthropology •

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Foto Luzia Weber

Luzia Weber 

T +41 41 229 55 71 • Room 3.A27 •


Foto Daniel Geiger

Dr. Daniel Geiger

T +41 41 349 76 15 • Room 1.A12 •


Former Employees and Associates

Clara Bombach
Katharina Bursztyn
Sara Dürr
Werner Egli
Joachim Görlich
Jürg Helbling
Lea Helfenstein
Thomas Hüsken
Peter Larsen
Esther Leemann
Yvonne Ungerer
Rachel Smith
Angelica Wehrli
Irina Wenk
Thomas Zitelmann