Understanding Rights Practices in the World Heritage System

Understanding Rights Practices in the World Heritage System: Lessons from the Asia Pacific

This international research project, coordinated by the University of Lucerne, addresses a major knowledge gap in the international governance field, namely how and under what conditions human rights are perceived and implemented in the World Heritage system. It links key players in the World Heritage system, specifically the Advisory Bodies IUCN and ICOMOS, with research colleagues in Switzerland, Nepal, Vietnam, the Philippines and Australia in order to craft the building blocks for informed policy discussions on human rights and World Heritage at national, regional and global levels building on field realities in the Asia-Pacific region.  

Duration: 2014 – 2016 (start mid-September, 2014)

Institutional partners: IUCN, ICOMOS, ICOMOS Norway

Main funding body: SNIS, http://www.snis.ch/project_understanding-rights-practices-world-heritage-system-lessons-asia-pacific

For further information: peter.larsenremove-this.@remove-this.unilu.ch 

Project Team: 

Peter Bille Larsen, Coordinator

Bettina Beer, Co-Coordinator


Alexander Morawa, Legal review Coordinator, www.unilu.ch/en/faculties/faculty-of-law/professorships/morawa-alexander/



Ian Liley, web link University of Queensland, http://researchers.uq.edu.au/researcher/344

Kristal Buckley, Deakin University,



Sudarshan Tiwari



Hans  Christie  Bjønness


Pranita Shrestha,


Peter Bille Larsen

Tran Chi Trung, cres.vnu.edu.vn/ 


Bettina Beer

Malot Ingel


International partners:


Tim Badman, IUCN

Kristal Buckley, ICOMOS

Gonzalo Oviedo, IUCN

Amund Sinding-Larsen, ICOMOS Norway