Are you interested in one of the following events? The events are open to all interested parties.
We cordially welcome you to the University of Lucerne!

24.10.2019 (Thursday) A Discussion with Prof. Dr. Juliane Rebentisch (Offenbach), Prof. Dr. Valentin Groebner (Lucerne) and Prof. Dr. Christine Abbt

The Art of Freedom. A Discussion with Juliane Rebentisch, Valentin Groebner and Christine Abbt on freedom, democracy and the public meanings of art, 18.15–19.45, University of Lucerne, Room 3.B58.

8./.9.11.2019 International Workshop Collegium Helveticum ETHZ

Conference on reflectiveness organized by Prof. Dr. Christine Abbt, Prof. Dr. Hartmut von Sass and PD Dr. Donata Schoeller, Fri 14–21:00 and Sat 10–15:00.

13.-15.11.2019 Rousseau Lectures Université de Genève

Christine Abbt: Commentary on the Lecture by Prof. Dr. Francois Ost, 13.11.2019, Geneva.


Christine Abbt: „Migration“, NZZ Podium Vienna.