SNSF Professorship Philosophy


The SNSF professorship for philosophy of the University of Lucerne focuses on questions of political philosophy, aesthetics and philosophy of culture.

The professorship is financed by the Swiss National Science Foundation supporting outstanding research in Switzerland.

The research project Meddlesome and Curious. On the Realization of Democratic Freedom in Forms of the Non-Identical is headed by Prof. Dr. Christine Abbt. It builds the overarching framework under which the various research projects at the professorship are conducted.

We are engaged in exploring the functions and meanings of the foreign and non-identical for the realization of individual and democratic freedom. The historical analysis and systematic elaboration of our questions are especially based on philosophical texts of the antiquity, the enlightenment, the 20th century and the presence.

The scientific team at the University of Lucerne currently comprises of five persons. Further scientists as well as domestic and foreign doctoral students are associated with the professorship.

Do you find interest in our work? For a first impression please have a look at the following interviews and reports in the media:

  1. Report „Forms of oblivion in the view of science“ Eva Obermüller, oe1/ORF Dimensions - the world of science, 9th of March.2017.
  2. Report on the conference "Politics and drama: Denis Diderot", report by Nikolaus Hilmer on in Dimensionen - the world of science, 13th of January 2017.
  3. Interview series "Der Balken in meinem Auge" 12th of January 2017.
  4. Interview Zentralschweiz am Sonntag 2nd of Octobre 2016.
  5. Report School of Criticism and Theory / Cornell University uniluaktuell Tablet 10th of Septembre 2016.
  6. Interview with cooperation partner Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht uniluaktuell 10th of Septembre 2016.
  7. Sternstunde Philosophie 4th of Septembre 2016.
  8. Blick ins Feuilleton 16th of February 2016.
  9. "Democracy needs moments of disturbance", report by Dave Schläpfer, uniluaktuell 10th of September 2015.