Tibetan Monastery

Klösterliches Tibet-Institut
8486 Rikon im Tösstal (ZH) 

Type of building: Tibetan monastery
Area: 195.7 m2 (building) 7,300 m2 (land)
Building height: 11 m (front, four stories)
Cost: CHF 780,000 (land donated by the Kuhn company)
Objections: None
Owners: Tibet Institute Rikon Foundation (Stiftung Tibet-Institut Rikon)
Architect: Architekturbüro Flück, Aarau
Start of construction: 28th July 1967
Construction period: 1 year 3 months
Inauguration: 28th September 1968
Religious tradition: Tibetan Buddhism (Vajrayana)
Conception through to inauguration: 3 years


Angela Müller: Religion im öffentlichen Raum. Das Tibet-Institut Rikon
Download PDF (28 Seiten, 800 KB)  


Text: Edwin Egeter

Photos: Edwin Egeter

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