Serbian-Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity

Serbisch-orthodoxe Kirche Heilige Dreifaltigkeit
Elisabethenstrasse 20
8004 Zürich 


Type of building: Single-naved basilica from 1912 flanked by residential houses
Area: approximately 400 m2 (property 620 m2)
Building height: 30 m including cross
Cost: Approximately CHF 2 million
Objections: Yes, from town preservation
Owner: Stiftung zur Förderung der Serbisch Orthodoxen Kirche in der Schweiz, Zürich (Foundation for the promotion of the Serbian-Orthodox Church in Switzerland, Zurich)
Architects: Milenko Lekic (Neuhausen), Fritz Schiess (Rapperswil)
Start of construction: Summer 1996
Consecration of the Orthodox altar stone: 23rd November 1996
Construction period: 6 years
Inauguration: Consecration of the iconostasis 9th September 2001 (final consecration pending)
Religious tradition: Serbian-Orthodox since September 2001, previously Old Catholic
Conception through to inauguration: 7 years


Text : Edwin Egeter

Photos : Edwin Egeter (6-8), Andreas Tunger-Zanetti (1-5)

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