Saint Paul's Greek Orthodox Church

Centre Orthodoxe du Patriarcat Œcuménique
Chemin de Chambésy 37
1292 Chambésy


Type of building: Orthodox church (including conference centre and patriarchal administration)
Area: 630 m2 (building) - 2233 m2 (centre) - 10,798 m2 (land)
Building height: 14 m
Cost: CHF 6.5 million
Objections: None known
Owners: Ecumenical Patriarchate
Architects: Prof. Dr. Georges Lavas und Spiess & Wegmüller Architekten SIA, Zurich
Start of construction: 1973 (Laying of first stone 10th April 1971)
Construction period: 2 years
Inauguration: 19th Oktober 1975
Religious tradition: Greek Orthodox Christianity
Conception through to inauguration: 5 years


Georgios Lavas: «Zeitgenössischer orthodoxer Kirchenbau und Tradition − dargestellt am Beispiel der St. Pauls-Kirche in Chambésy», in: Una Sancta, 39. 1984, number 2. pages 140-145 (German). 


We thank Dr. theol. Maria Brun, Lucerne, for her valuable advice in connection with this building portrait. Dr. Brun worked as a researcher at the Orthodox Centre in Chambésy from 1980-2003.


Text : Edwin Egeter

Photos : Edwin Egeter

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