Islamic Cultural Foundation Mosque

Mosquée et Fondation Culturelle Islamique
Chemin de Colladon 34
1209 Genève 

Type of Building: Mosque with minaret
Area: approximately 2576 m2 (building) - 2956 m2 (land)
Building height (minaret): 22 m
Cost: Approximately CHF 13 million
Objections: Yes (preservation of older parts of the complex)
Owners: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Architects: Zollikofer & Cie, Osman Gürdogan, Jean-Pierre Limongelli
Laying of the first stone: November 1975
Construction period: 2.5 years
Inauguration: 1st June 1978
Religious tradition: Sunni Islam
Conception through to inauguration: 3 years


Text : Edwin Egeter

Photos : Edwin Egeter

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