Gurdwara of the Sikh Association of Switzerland

Sikh-Gemeinde Schweiz
Schachenstrasse 39
4658 Däniken

Type of Building:Gurdwara (Sikh temple) 
Area: 357 m2 (building)
1637 m2 (land) 
Building height: approximately 9 m (including towers)
Cost: CHF 2'600'000
Objections: Yes (withdrawn; use of parking spaces)
Owners: Sikh-Gemeinde Schweiz
Architect: Arjuna Adhihetty, 4A-Architektur
Laying of the first stone: 9th April 2014 groundbreaking,
20th April 2014 laying of foundation stone
Construction period: 1 year
Inauguration: 19th April 2015 (in use since November 2014)
Religious tradition: Sikhism 
Conception through to inauguration: 2-3 years 


Text: Erich Debrunner
Collaboration: Christoph Peter Baumann

Photos: Martin Bauman, Erich Debrunner, Naomi Ruef

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