Albanian Mosque

Islamisch-Albanischer Verein Winterthur
Kronaustrasse 6
8404 Winterthur 

Type of Building: Mosque with minaret
Area: 650 m2
Building height (incl. minaret): 9 m
Cost: Approximately CHF 690,000
Objections: None
Owners: Islamic-Albanian Association Winterthur
Architects: Jürg Beglinger
Start of conversion: January 2003 (Land purchase 27th July 2002)
Construction period: 14 months
Inauguration: 15th may 2004 (Minaret 29th May 2005)
Religious tradition: Sunni Islam
Conception through to inauguration:Approximately 3 years


Simone Bretscher: (K)eins aufs Dach? Über realisierte und geplante Minarette in der Schweiz
Download PDF (133 pages, 1300 KB) in German only


Text : Marc Sommerhalder and Janosch Hain

Photos : Marc Sommerhalder and Albanian Mosque (Photo 3)

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