About the Faculty

The Faculty of Economics and Management (WF) opened its doors for the first time for the autumn semester of 2016. The university’s economics professors joined forces with experts from the field of business management to provide a comprehensive economics study programme to rival any other international degree. This young faculty has since established a reputation for its research and teaching, and is now an integral part of the University of Lucerne. Research on fundamental and current economic issues is conducted by seven professorships and one titular professorship. This research focuses on topics such as economic policy, environmental and health economics, international economics, and applied econometrics as well as digital marketing, consumer behaviour, and human resource management. You can find more detailed information about the research fields in the Professorships section.

The professors of the WF are supported in their teaching by guest professors and teachers from the fields of science and economics. The faculty uses its study programmes to train specialists and experts who will make a difference by providing future-oriented solutions in a rapidly changing working world. Our wide-ranging economics and management courses provide comprehensive, broad-based training in economics, business studies and methodology as well as specialist knowledge from the future-oriented fields of digitalisation and automation. As a small faculty, we offer a personal environment where students have direct contact with lecturers. This enables students to receive targeted support and provides them with a forum for practising their skills, discovering new subject matter and pursuing their individual ideas. The university’s bachelor’s programme in Economics and Management distinguishes itself from its counterparts with the broad academic foundation it provides. The master’s programme enables students either to continue along the generalist path of the bachelor’s programme or to introduce a more targeted focus with four specialist programmes.