The structured PhD program in Health Sciences exists since 2010.

Since then the interdisciplinary PhD colloquium in Health Sciences, the lecture series with different topics and biannual evaluations were established. As we grew successfully and as we have currently more than 30 PhD students, we extended our courses and workshops in "methods”, "disciplinary perspectives in Health Sciences” and "comprehensive understanding of health and functioning”. Beyond that we started a more specific PhD research seminar in Health Sciences with a focus on Health Economics and Health Behavior. We also newly offer an own course program for the cohort of the PhD students working for the research project “Swiss Learning Health System” (Leading House: University of Lucerne in cooperation with 6 other universities and applied universities).

Our English program offers an interdisciplinary, structured learning environment for PhD students and we also welcome PhDs and Post-Docs from other disciplines.

Coordinator: Thomas Brinkel

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