Who is Revising the Doctrine of God? Models of God Across the World's Religions

Digital Open Day with a Lecture by Ryan Mullins - Q&A - Introduction to the curriculum programme of the online Master's programme «Philosophy, Theology and Religions»

Date: 2nd March 2023
Time: 18.00 h
Location: online
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About Ryan Mullins

R.T. Mullins (PhD, University of St Andrews) has published over 50 essays on various topics in philosophical theology related to models of God, philosophy of time, personal identity, the problem of evil, disability theology, the Trinity, and the incarnation. He has published two books, The End of the Timeless God (Oxford University Press, 2016) and God and Emotion (Cambridge University Press, 2020). Mullins has held research and teaching fellowships at the University of Notre Dame, the University of Cambridge, the University of St Andrews, the University of Edinburgh, and the University of Helsinki. When not engaging in philosophical theology, he is often found at a metal show.

About the MA

Philosophy study programmes are often designed in an agnostic way – as if God didn’t exist - and do not consider the documented growing interest in religion, both globally and among philosophy students in particular.

In those rare cases where religion is indeed considered, only the relationship between philosophy and Christianity is delved into, as if other religions, especially Judaism and Islam, did not exist and played little to no role in the history of philosophy.

The PhilTeR Master's fills these gaps with an international, interreligious and high quality online study programme in Philosophy, Theology and Religions.

Get to know more about the curriculum programme and have your questions answerd by Professors and our Tutors.

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