Digital Open Day 5

Join the online event "Disagreements about God: Judaism, Christianity and Islam" dedicated to Master’s Programme.


A debate on God in Judaism, Christianity and Islam, with Tyron Goldschmidt, Winfried Löffler and Gary Carl (Muhammad) Legenhausen, professors of the new Online Master’s in Philosophy, Theology and Religions.


Q&A - Introduction to the curriculum programme.

Date: 22nd June 2022
Time: 18.00 h
Location: Zoom

On June 22nd, interested people have the chance to meet Prof. Tyron Goldschmidt (Rochester, New York), Prof. Winfried Löffler (Innsbruck) and Prof. Gary Carl (Muhammad) Legenhausen (Qom) online via Zoom and get to know more about the new Online Master's. 

What is God to a Jewish philosopher, a Muslim philosopher, and a Christian philosopher? Making room for dialogue not despite our disagreements but thanks to our disagreements.
Read more about here and get more information about the professors debating on our next digital open day!

Philosophy study programmes are often designed in an agnostic way – as if God didn’t exist - and do not consider the documented growing interest in religion, both globally and among philosophy students in particular. In those rare cases where religion is indeed considered, only the relationship between philosophy and Christianity is delved into, as if other religions, especially Judaism and Islam, did not exist and played little to no role in the history of philosophy. The PhilTeR Master's fills these gaps with an international, interreligious and high quality online study programme in Philosophy, Theology and Religions.

A registration is required and can be done directly online. 

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