Digital Open Day 4

Join the online event dedicated to Master’s Programme.

Lecture by Prof. Peter Adamson, LMU Munich / King's College London "Can We Prove that God Exists, and Does it Matter Whether We Can?" - Q&A - Introduction to the curriculum programme.

Date: 1st June 2022
Time: 18.00 h
Location: Zoom
Prof. Peter Adamson

On June 1st, interested people have the chance to meet Prof. Peter Adamson online via Zoom and get to know more about the new Online Master's. 

Listed among the world’s top 50 thinkers in 2021, Peter Adamson is Professor of Philosophy at King's College London and LMU Munich. Renowned expert in late ancient and Islamic philosophy, Professor Adamson will be teaching the course "History of Philosophy across Religions: an Introduction" in our online Master's in Philosophy, Theology, and Religions.

Many philosophical ideas were born in and shaped by religious traditions. One cannot simply ignore this fact. Therefore Prof. Adamson pleads for a "History of Philosophy without any Gaps" (Listen to his Podcast) where the history of philosophy is presented as a continuous narrative which leaves nothing out (Adamson 2014, xi).

In his course he will explore the "intricated and complicated interrelation between philosophical reasoning and religious doctrines", touching on Classical Indian and Greek thought, Medieval and Renaissance European thought and Islamic thought. Concluding his presentation of his course he says: “In fact, I’d go so far as to say that you cannot understand the History of Philosophy without understanding the History of Religion and viceversa. But I am a Philosopher and would be happy to hear you out if you want to prove me wrong.”

Philosophy study programmes are often designed in an agnostic way – as if God didn’t exist - and do not consider the documented growing interest in religion, both globally and among philosophy students in particular. In those rare cases where religion is indeed considered, only the relationship between philosophy and Christianity is delved into, as if other religions, especially Judaism and Islam, did not exist and played little to no role in the history of philosophy. The PhilTeR Master's fills these gaps with an international, interreligious and high quality online study programme in Philosophy, Theology and Religions.

A registration is required and can be done directly online. 

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