Master: Mandatory online Induction into study organisation at WF

Students who embark on a study programme obviously have lots of questions. With that in mind, we organise an induction event. You will be given information about the university building and the planning and organisation of your study programme with plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

Date: 23rd February 2021
Time: 14.15 h to 15.30 h
Location: Zoom

ZOOM *hier klicken*
Meeting-ID: 986 1461 1617
Kenncode: 780379

Students of other faculties who plan to attend WF courses (e.g. PPE, Economics & Management as a minority subject) are also welcome. Registration is not required.

The event takes place in online form via the video conferencing software "Zoom". No pre-installation of the software is necessary for participation. After you click the link, it will take about 3 minutes for your system to be set up for participation in the meeting. We recommend a computer (Mac, PC) for participation. Detailed information about the system requirements can be found here.