About the Faculty

The Faculty of Economics and Management is the youngest faculty at the University of Lucerne. It has started its studies in 2016. The university’s current economics professors were joined by colleagues from the business studies department to provide a comprehensive economics study programme to rival any other international degree. The faculty’s personal touch comes from close interaction between teaching staff and students – which is not always the case in economics.

The faculty will establish an independent profile through its focus on unique specialist issues combined with academic research and teaching of a high international standard. Teaching focuses on issues related to the point of intersection between business, government and society.

At Bachelor’s level, the Lucerne Faculty of Economics and Management offers broad-based academic training in economics, business studies and associated methodology. A follow-on Master’s degree has been established in order to build on the solid basic teaching provided by the Bachelor’s study programme. Students on the bachelor’s study programme can choose introductory courses relating to the specialisations of the master’s programme, such as Political Economics, Market-oriented Management and Integrated Health Management and Economics.