Awards and tenders

Research prizes and awards are important for career promotion and for funding projects and publications. The following are advertised regularly and cover the University of Lucerne’s subject areas. 

Friedwart Bruckhaus Prize for Young Scientists and Journalists (Hanns Martin Schleyer Foundation)

  • Submission deadline (every other year): January/February 

Hanns Martin Schleyer-Stiftung / F.B.-Förderpreis

Marcel Benoist Prize

  • Annual prize submission deadline: late February / early March 


Gerda Henkel Prize

Designed exclusively for researchers in the historical humanities. 

  • Submission deadline for nomination proposals (every other year, even years): beginning of the year 

Gerda Henkel Preis

Swiss–academies award for transdisciplinary research

Advertised by the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences with support from the Mercator Foundation Switzerland, for individual researchers or research teams with substantial Swiss membership. 

  • Submission deadline (every other year, even years): first quarter 

Swiss–academies award for transdisciplinary research

SNIS Award

The SNIS Award rewards the best thesis in international studies submitted in a Swiss university with an amount of CHF 5'000.  

  • Submission deadline (annual): first quarter 

SNIS Award

SAHS: SAHS young talent prize and Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences Prix Média

In the field of humanities and social sciences, the Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences (SAHS) awards the annual SAHS young talent prize and the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences present the Prix Média.

The SAHS young talent prize honours a young researcher for the quality of an article published in an academic publication. 

  • Prize amount CHF 10'000 
  • Submission deadline (annual): 1 December

Through the Prix Média, the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences are honouring and promoting educational work between science and society. 

  • Prize amount CHF 10,000 
  • Submission deadline: 15 May 2021

Scientific policy fellowships

The Stiftung Wissenschaftliche Politikstipendien (‘Scientific Policy Fellowships Foundation’) enables young research talent to spend a year working in the Swiss parliament. Through this, the foundation is helping to increase dialogue between science and politics. 

  • Call (annual): beginning of the year

Stiftung Wissenschaftliche Politikstipendien