Newsletter MOL
  Informationen für Angehörige der Mittelbauorganisation der Universität Luzern (MOL) – 4. März 2021

We help shape the university: Working groups enable networking and unipolitical co-determination

Dear MOL members

As announced in the February newsletter, we present you today the working groups of the MOL in an extraordinary infomail. Working groups enable us to make our concerns visible, to work out political proposals and to make our interests heard. Would you like to network across all faculties? Would you like to share your concerns and ideas and get involved with like-minded people? Do you want to actively shape our university and the framework conditions of our daily academic life? Then this is the right place for you. Discover our current working groups and contact if you are interested or join one of our MOL meetings.

The MOL working groups do not replace any positions or committees of the University of Lucerne. They were created to make important concerns such as sustainability or diversity heard. Last but not least, working groups pursue the goal of demanding long-term and institutionalized solutions with the help of political initiatives.

We hope you enjoy reading this report and remain with our warmest regards
Your MOL board of directors

Monika Plozza (RF), Naemi Jacob (WF), Noemi Honegger (TF), Sandra Gratwohl (KSF), Tanya Kasper Wicki (GWM)

WG Women* in Science

The Peer Mentoring Group aims to motivate participants to pursue careers in science and to encourage and support women* in developing professional and interdisciplinary skills. Become an active member, find support and increase your chance for a successful (scientific) career.

WG Scientific Integrity and Transparency

Scientific integrity and transparency are cornerstones of science - also at the University of Lucerne. The working group is committed to raising awareness and sensitivity for this. Help to make these values a matter of course in everyday academic life.

WG Diversity

The Diversity WG strives for the institutional anchoring of lived diversity at the University of Lucerne. The goal is to raise awareness for diversity issues, to point out gaps and to achieve that these gaps will be closed institutionally with the help of political initiatives. Be part of this change and actively work for a diverse future of the University of Lucerne.

WG Postdocs

The aim of the WG Postdocs is to network postdocs of the University of Lucerne. It makes their concerns heard and introduces political initiatives with the aim of improving their working and research conditions at the University of Lucerne. Find support and help ensure that the University has a strong postdoc representation.

WG Sustainability

The goal of the working group is to revive sustainability in all areas of the university as an elementary basis for decision-making and to promote sustainable awareness at the University of Lucerne. A few months ago, the WG Sustainability started its work. Since then, it has already achieved its first successes. On November 30, 2020, the Senate accepted the proposal of the WG Sustainability to develop a sustainability strategy at the University of Lucerne and forwarded it to the university management for further work (see newsletter for employees 10.12.2020). The WG Sustainability is looking for more committed members.

WG (Pandemic) Working Conditions, Research Credit

This working group is also in need of collaboration. It is committed to short- and long-term improvements of the working and employment conditions of the mid-level staff as well as to a more balanced distribution of the research credit. The WG (Pandemic) Working Conditions, Research Credit is looking for further committed members.

This newsletter was translated into English by Tanya Kasper Wicki and Naemi Jacob. Many thanks!