Speaking and writing for university and work B2/C1

The semester course is open for students of the University of Lucerne only.

Target participants: This course is intended for students on all academic levels and from all Faculties who want to improve their speaking and writing for academic, professional and everyday settings.

Course content: The course builds on the foundations attained in school, to enhance your accuracy, fluency and confidence in spoken and written English. Examples of spoken and written texts from university, work and everyday life on a variety of topics allow you to develop your vocabulary across the disciplines. In class you train oral interaction and presentation skills; for homework you write short texts that elaborate on these oral activities. This allows you to familiarize yourself with a range of academic, professional and everyday topics and to manage the differences between different genres and registers appropriate to the different settings.  

Course information

Course level B2/C1
25th February to 26th May 2020
Tuesday, 18.15-19.45
Lecturer Stephan Meyer, MA
Room lecture room 11 (basement floor)
Registration deadline Wednesday, 19.02.2020
Course fee CHF 250.00
payable before course start;
refunds are not possible

Online registration will be open from 10.12.2019 on.
Please note that the number of places is limited.

Requirements for acquisition of credit points
In order to receive 2 credit points, candidates will
- not be absent more than twice
- submit, revise and resubmit a total of between 1200 and 1500 words
- deliver a presentation of 6 to 8 minutes.

Certificate of attendance: available on request. Course absence: maximum two times.

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