Virtual Mid-term Conference of ESA Research Network 21 “Quantitative Methods”: “Quantitative Approaches to Analyzing Social Change”, 9-10 October 2020

Welcome to the official website of the virtual ESA RN 21 mid-term conference “Quantitative Approaches to Analyzing Social Change”, which will be hosted by the University of Lucerne (Switzerland), 9 - 10 October 2020.

Over the last decade, Europe has witnessed deep impacts of the economic crisis as well as ongoing challenges concerning refugees and migrant integration. In addition, new challenges are connected with climate change, labour market developments, processes of digitalization, the rise of populism, demographic changes and unknown consequences of the Brexit. Are such social problems and conflicts connected with long-lasting societal changes? How and why do societies change in cultural, economic or political respect? What are the driving forces of social change? Is it possible to identify causal mechanisms to explain these changes? In short, the analysis and explanation of social change is still one of the main goals of Sociology. The main aim of our mid-term conference is to learn and to exchange ideas how quantitative methods can contribute to improve the empirical analysis of social changes.