On hold: Summer School and International Conference: From Logic & Metaphysics to Computer Science

Summer School, and International Conference "From Logic & Metaphysics to Computer Science", organised by the Chair of Philosophy in the Faculty of Theology, University of Lucerne and the MAP - the research Master in metaphysics and philosophy of mind at the Università della Svizzera italiana (USI, Lugano).

Datum: 29. Juni 2020 bis 4. Juli 2020
Ort: Sicily

We are unfortunately obliged to announce that the planned Summer School and International Conference in Sicily will not be taking place this year.We hope that they will take place in 2021 (June 28 – July 3, Regaleali & Palermo). We will let you know as soon as possible

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From Logic & Metaphysics to Computer Science

Computer  Science and Artificial Intelligence originally relied heavily on the logical theory of implication, disjunction and  negation put forward by Frege and anticipated by the Stoics. Throughout  its history, philosophy has been intrigued by words and expressions (and  the meanings or concepts they express) which, like “if”, “or” and “not”, do not seem to be about things. Theories of  transcendentals, syncategorematic expressions, incomplete symbols,  quantifiers, formal concepts, logical form and connectives have all  attempted to understand expressions which have seemed to many philosophers  to have more to do with our abilities to variously  combine expressions into meaningful wholes than to refer to things in  the world. The Summer School and Conference, From Logic & Metaphysics to Computer Science, will examine these theories and their relations from Ancient Philosophy to the beginnings of Computer Science and beyond.


Summer School, Regaleali Estate

Monday, June 29, 2020

09.00 F. Fronterotta (La Sapienza, Rome) Theaetetus sits – Theaetetus flies. Ontology, predication and truth in Plato’s Sophist

11.00 C. Rapp (LMU Munich) The veridical use of being in Parmenides and Aristotle

16.00 K. Ierodiakonou (Geneva) The logical constants of the Stoic indemonstrables

18.00 M. Bonelli (Bergamo) Alexander of Aphrodisias on truth


Tuesday, June 30, 2020

09.00 G. Klima (Fordham University, New York) Aquinas on the syncategorematic and categorematic functions of esse

11.00 G. Ventimiglia (Lucerne) "Passio enuntiationis": Aquinas on being as the true (and the syncategorematic expression “non”)

16.00 K. Mulligan (USI, Lugano): Syncategorematic expressions & formal concepts

18.00 N. Zangwill (Lincoln, UCL) The logical constants: realism vs. inferentialism 


Wednesday, June 1, 2020

09.00 TBA

11.00 F. Orilia (Macerata) Quantifiers and quantifiers

16.00 D. Costa (USI, Lugano) Temporal existence – connectives or modes of being?

18.00 J. Leo (Amsterdam) The logical constants and early computer science


Thursday, July 2, 2020

09.00 P. Simons (Trinity College, Dublin) Towards a grammar of programming languages

11.00 B. Smith (University at Buffalo) Philosophy on rails

15.00 J. Landgrebe (Cognotekt, Cologne) Storing vs processing


International Conference, Palermo

Friday, July 3, 2020

Palazzo Lanza Tomasi

09.30 P. Simons (Trinity College, Dublin) Combinations in Language and Logic

11.30 F. Orilia (Macerata) Connectives, quantifiers and temporal logic

15.00 J. Landgrebe (Cognotekt, Cologne): Processes – logic, probability or differential equations?

16.30 B. Smith (University at Buffalo) Information artefacts

21.00 Public Lecture: M. Colombetti (USI, Lugano) Niente è più pratico di una buona filosofia. Riflessioni di un tecnologo alle prese con obblighi, diritti e cose del genere


Saturday, July 4, 2020

Palazzo Lanza Tomasi 

09.30 G. Klima (Fordham University New York) Via Antiqua logic, natural logic, and artificial intelligence

10.15 Roundtable

11.30 K. Mulligan (USI, Lugano) Conclusions


With the generous support of: Bachelor in filosofia dell’Istituto di Studi Filosofici (Facoltà di Teologia di Lugano), Istituto Svizzero (Roma), Fondazione Sicilia, Tasca d'Almerita, Tenuta Regaleali, Cogito.