Im Jahr 2011 hat die Mount Zion Foundation in der Trägerschaft des Instituts für Jüdisch-Christliche Luzern und der Dormitio Abtei Jerusalem den Mount Zion Award an FoEME – Friends of the Earth Middle East verliehen. FoEME setzt sich für den gemeinsamen Umweltschutz in den jordanischen, palästinensischen und israelischen Nachbarschaftsgebieten ein, um so zum Frieden in den Region beizutragen. Am 15. November 2016 hat FoEME durch eine spektakuläre Aktion auf die Gefährdung des Toten Meers aufmerksam gemacht. «The Dead Sea Swim» fand in den internationalen Medien ein grosses Echo.

Raising Awareness of the Plight of the Dead Sea
Seven Hour Swim across the Dead Sea


Dear Supporters and Friends,
We are proud to report last Tuesday, November 15th, was a historical day as 25 swimmers swam across the Dead Sea to raise awareness about the environmental damage facing this shrinking body of water.
The team of 25 dedicated swimmers from around the world swam the 17-kilometer (11-mile) challenge in seven excruciating hours from the Jordanian to Israeli shore by using special full-facial masks to prevent salt from entering their eyes and lungs.
The Dead Sea Swim Challenge was the first ever swim crossing the Dead Sea; a complex, life threatening undertaking with the objective to raise awareness of the Dead Sea's demise and promote a global call to action for the local governments to deal with the root causes of the Dead Sea’s destruction. The event was initiated by an adventurous and inspiring group of international and local swimmers who came up with the idea as a call for action.

The Swim was featured in news outlets such as AP News, BBC News, ReutersCNN, and Jpost.
As many of our supporters may know, we dedicate many hours to advocacy work for saving the Dead Sea as it is a masterpiece of nature in all aspects; geological, ecological, historical. It is the lowest place on earth and the saltiest deep-water body on the planet.  Its scenery is like nowhere else on earth - a place of relaxation for body and soul. A truly magical place drawing millions of tourists of all kinds; religious, hikers, scientists, nature lovers, cure seekers (due to its well-known therapeutic values), and much more.
Tragically, it is disappearing before our eyes.  The Dead Sea has receded by 25 meters in just 30 years and has lost a third of its surface area. This ecological catastrophe is man-made:

  • The Lower Jordan River, the main body of water that used to feed the Dead Sea, has had 95 per cent of its waters diverted by Israel, Syria and Jordan;
  • The Israeli and Jordanian mineral industries have turned the southern area of the Dead Sea into evaporation ponds that significantly contribute to the shrinking of the northern basin of the Dead Sea.  

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With much gratitude,

Mr. Munqeth Mehyar                         Mr. Nader Khateeb                   Mr. Gidon Bromberg       

                                            Jordanian, Palestinian, and Israeli
                                                     Co-Executive Directors
                                                      EcoPeace Middle East

22. November 2016